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Fire Giant Entertainment is comprised of four industry veterans who after many years of collaboration and leadership on larger teams decided they missed the hands-on satisfaction and empowerment of working independently on their own designs and IP. 

Our team is passionate and committed to delivering high quality experiences to our audience with the understanding that our success is solely dependent upon their appreciation for our craft.

Phil Shenk | Chief Executive Officer

Phil brings 20 years of experience creating worlds and leading teams across some of the biggest brands in interactive entertainment. He’s an accomplished entrepreneur who’s held multiple founder roles from start to exit.

David Hernandez Cerpa | Chief Technical Officer

In his 10+ years in the game industry, David brings broad full-stack experience from nearly every facet of game development. He has a particular expertise in A.I. and is passionate about both practical game applications and cutting-edge R&D.

Trevor Lanz | Chief Architect

Trevor has worked on nearly every type of game system over his 20 years of game development in multiple engines on PC, mobile, and Web. He’s a connoisseur of gameplay innovation, and is often found exploring the virtual shelves for undiscovered indie gems

Jonathan Sloan | Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan is the prototypical example of the coveted “many hats” developer. With over 10 years of experience he is an expert in all areas of user interface and experience design. He also brings to the table a keen design sensibility and well-honed art technique.

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